Enable/Disable Mobile Tracking

Enable/Disable Mobile Tracking

Enabling and disabling Mobile Tracking essentially follows the same steps. For this purpose we will show you how to to disable as enabling is simply the reverse of step 5.
  1. Log into Your Account

    - Open the app or website and enter your login credentials - 
    Account Login

  2. Navigate to the Mobile Tracking Section:

    - Once logged in, go to "Drivers" tab


  3. Choose the Driver:

    - In the Drivers section, you will see a pencil icon at the end of the row to begin editing 

  4. Access Mobile Tracking Preferences:

    - Simply navigate to the next tab "Mobile Tracking"   

  5. Change your Settings:

    - Deactivate tracking by simply toggling the "Active" button

  6. Save your settings:

    - Make sure to read through the info before confirming

  7.  Confirmation:

    - Mobile tracking will now be disabled

    It's This does not decrease the number of mobile licenses in your plan. If you would also like to decrease your number of paid mobile lisences, you will need to go to the Billing section in the Setting page. F

Additional Tips

  • Check for Permissions:

    • Ensure that your mobile device has the necessary permissions enabled for location tracking to work properly.
  • Battery Usage:

    • Be aware that enabling Mobile Tracking can increase battery usage. Adjust your tracking intervals to balance accuracy and battery life.
  • Support:

    • If you encounter any issues or have questions, please contact our support team for assistance.

By following these steps, you can easily manage the Mobile Tracking feature on your device. Stay connected and keep track of your important devices with ease.

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