Tracker Not Communicating

Tracker not communicating?

Things to check for

Device Diagnosis

Track My Ride automatically runs health checks on your devices. If we find an issue with your unit, a red notice will appear next to the vehicle, as shown below.

To view a device notice:
  1. Open the Device's page. 
  2. Click the button under the Status heading.
  3. The row will now expand, showing any issues recently found for the device and how to resolve
Below is an example of a tracker that has stopped communicating due to a flat battery.

Network Coverage

In order to connect with our server, your Track My Ride device needs to be in cellular coverage. If the vehicle is not in coverage, please wait until it has moved into coverage. Our latest model, the TMR-S8, is able to roam over Australia's top operating service providers Optus, Vodafone, and Telstra). Older TMR devices operate on Vodafone's 3G network. A map of Vodafone's network coverage is available on the map page in your account.

Power Supply

Is your device receiving power?

There are two green lights on the device itself and confirm whether the two green lights are functioning.

The lights are not on

The next step is to look into the power supply to the device. Please ensure the 12-pin cable is firmly connected to the device and that it is receiving the 12V/24V of constant power. If the device has been hardwired into the vehicle, then try plugging the unit in with the OBD Plug and Play cable. If the lights turn on, then the issue lies in the wiring of the unit and you should contact your electrician.

If the lights are on

You can give the unit a power-cycle.
To power-cycle:
  1. Unplug the tracker by pulling out the 12-pin cable from the tracker itself.
  2. Leave the tracker unplugged overnight.
  3. In the morning, check to see if the lights have switched off. If they are still functioning, leave the tracker for another few hours.
  4. Once the tracker's lights have switched off, you may plug it back into the vehicle.
If you have power-cycled your device and it has not come back online or the electrician has confirmed that the device is correctly connected to a 12/24V constant supply, please create a support ticket at detailing the steps you have taken in resolving the issue.

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