Map layers and options

Map layers and options

Track My Ride's main map offers numerous layers that can be turned on and off to display cellular coverage, zones and more

Access map layers and options

Click the icon on the top right of the map 

Toggle the desired feature by checking or unchecking it to enable or disable the layer or feature.

Map Style

Map tiles can be toggled between Street Map and Satellite.
You can permanently set your preferred map tiles and map settings in the Settings Page (Cog) -> Application Settings area.


  1. Group Markers: Group vehicles/devices that are close together on the map

    6 vehicles/devices together on the map
  2. Hide Markers: Hide vehicle/device markers
  3. Show Labels: Display the vehicle or driver's name above its marker.
  4. Auto-fit Markers: Automatically fit the map to show all vehicles if there has been no map interaction in the last 4 minutes.

Map Layers

  1. Paths: Show the recent history for vehicles and drivers on the main map. To set the amount of time shown, click "Paths to Display" button in the top righthand corner.

  2. Zones: Show your zones on the map page
  3. Heatmap: Show a heatmap of the areas most travelled by your vehicles and drivers. 
    The heatmap looks at the distribution of recorded GPS data points currently displayed on the map in the ‘Paths’ layer and colours the map based on their proximity and frequency. Areas of high traffic are shown as red hotspots.
  4. Coverage: Show Vodafone's network coverage. Applicable to TMR-S1 and TMR-S7 devices. TMR-S8 and newer model TMR devices roam over Telstra, Optus and Vodafone's networks.

Set your default map preferences

To permanently set your Map Page layers and option, set your default options in Application Settings.

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