Tracker Power Guide

Tracker Power Guide

GPS Tracker Power Consumption and Vehicle Battery Impact

We're here to help you understand how our GPS trackers work with your vehicle's battery. Let's dive in.

Understanding GPS Tracker Power Consumption

Our GPS trackers are designed with your vehicle's battery life in mind. They're super efficient, using just 0.005A/h to do a whole lot of work.

Active Mode vs. Sleep Mode

  • In Active Mode, when the tracker is busy sending data, it uses about 150mA.
  • When taking a break in Sleep Mode, it only needs about 5mA per hour. 

How Much Power Does It Really Use?

While awake, our tracker uses about 1.8 watts per hour at 12 volts.

While in Sleep Mode, our tracker uses about 0.06 watts at 12 volts. It's only a tiny sip of power for your car's battery.

What Does This Mean For Your Tracker & Vehicle Battery

Your car's battery is a powerhouse, usually a 12V one with about 50Ah capacity. That means:

  • A 12V, 50Ah battery holds a whopping 600Wh of energy.
  • It could run our tracker in Online Sleep Mode for over a year without a sweat.
This article provides a general overview of our GPS trackers' power consumption relative to average vehicle batteries. Vehicle types and battery specifications vary, so the details here may not apply universally. 

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